productBut-studio1Our Automation Customization Solution

If you’re looking to:

  • Take advantage of an open architecture that provides flexibility to extend and customize automated testing to meet unique test needs.
  • Utilize cross-browser testing capabilities
  • Implement your automation solution faster and more efficiently
  • Optimize functional GUI testing with Client-Server and Web Application Test Automation

SmarteStudio’s open architecture provides unlimited flexibility and our extreme adaptability means improved application quality and reduced time to market. What this means to you? Satisfied customers and improved customer retention, lower support and maintenance costs, improved brand/product reputation and significant competitive advantage.

  • Flexible, Extensible Open Architecture

SmarteStudio™ is a next generation software application test automation tool that leverages the power of open, extensible architecture. The JavaScript source code for library recognition and execution is available to the user, as well as a JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API). New recognition and execution capabilities can be added to SmarteStudio by the end user and shared with colleagues, giving your team the flexibility to automate where other tools fail.

This approach makes SmarteStudio the most flexible, customizable and extensible test automation tool available. Users can modify and extend key functions and customize aspects of the recording and test execution behaviors by creating custom plug-in libraries with JavaScript.

  • The Power of JavaScript

SmarteStudio test scripts are written in JavaScript, the most widespread scripting language in the world. SmarteStudio’s scripts and learned objects are stored in an open format rather than a proprietary binary file or database. This makes it very accessible to a broad range of users and means that widespread changes can be accomplished using simple text find and replace.

  • JavaScript Editor

SmarteStudio includes a full-function JavaScript editor with automatic code completion. A pluggable active JavaScript debugger with watches and breakpoints is available.

  • Cross-Browser Testing

Choose SmarteStudio to test web applications in all of the most used browsers. Create one test script and execute the same script without modification across all of the major browsers.

  • Faster Implementation of Automation

SmarteStudio’s unique Learn and Go testing method is much more time efficient than traditional record-and-playback + edit processes.

  • Client-Server and Web Application Test Automation

SmarteStudio is ideal for functional GUI testing – both client-server and standalone applications, cross-browser web testing, and data-driven testing. SmarteStudio includes outstanding support for the .NET ecosystem.

  • Manual Testing Documentation Automation

With SmarteStudio you can record and Playback Manual Test Cases; as you walk through manual test cases, SmarteStudio builds auditable test case documentation to give immediate record of your testing workflows.  Your recorded test case documentation can later be executed, should you wish, as you migrate to automated testing practices

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