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productBut-script1Our Automated Testing Solution

If you’re looking to:

  • Reduce test timelines, get product to market faster
  • Reduce required resources – both personnel and equipment
  • Improve the quality and performance of delivered products
  • Reduce test budget
  • Rely on proven testing technology based on best practice methodology

Then SmarteScript provides the best path to automated testing success.

As Flexible as it is Fast
SmarteScript’s Learn and Interact function intuitively learns windows and objects used in an application. Create test skeletons for each business process then develop test cases quickly and easily. Complex, data-driven scripts can be auto-generated in minutes.

Unlike Record and Playback methods, Learn and Interact is fast and highly flexible. Respond to software changes with quick test case revisions instead of creating the test script from scratch. Save time, save money, reach your testing goal faster.

Easy to Use and Implement
SmarteScript automation testing software is easy to learn for novice users, but also offers powerful functionality for experienced testers. It is used in every industry by IT departments, R&D teams and business analysts.

With SmarteScript, your QA team can keep pace with Agile or other rapid prototype software development models. No scripting skills needed.

Flexibility to Test Variable Data
Acquire variable data from spreadsheets, for example, to test any number of tasks within the product under test. SmarteScript’s flexibility provides many ways to acquire variable data at run-time or before. We recently documented 7 methods to interact with variable data using SmarteScript. We know there are more.

Cross-Browser Testing
SmarteScript’s cross-browser capabilities are class-leading with support for multiple versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Choose SmarteScript to test web applications in all of the most used browsers. Create one test script and execute the same script without modification across all of the major browsers.

Fast, Easy Test Maintenance
As software under test changes, automatically update all affected test scripts in the test bed with Global Change Manager. Also automatically identifies changes made since test was last run alerting that maintenance is required. Don’t waste time on flawed regression testing.

A Perfect World: Fast, Reliable Testing – With Great ROI
SmarteScript is easy to learn, with no coding skills required – even for complex functions. Your team will ramp-up quickly making acceptance and deployment easy as well.

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“I have been working on SmarteScript™ for a relatively short amount of time, and already I just love the product. I don’t have to worry about scripting errors. I just have to fill in data in the grids and the script is generated automatically. I started creating scripts and test cases in no time.”

– Kavita Pachalla, Senior QA Consultant .