productBut-load1[1]Our Performance Testing Solution

If you’re looking to:

  • Ensure Superior Customer Experience from Your Software Application or Website
  • Maximize performance of your application
  • Implement the most extensible and flexible product on the market
  • Guarantee continuity of business by eliminating costly interruptions

SmarteLoad tests your system’s ability to cope with load and stress under any scenario. Simulate projected usage patterns and ramp load up while analyzing bottlenecks and optimizing system performance. Don’t be caught with your guard down – ensure superior customer experience with a system that performs beyond expectations.

  • It’s Easy to Use

SmarteLoad’s user-friendly GUI is easy to learn. Test teams create and run load tests quickly. Rapid implementation immediately improves application performance and customer satisfaction.

SmarteLoad uses a navigate-and-record methodology to automatically create a data grid which drives and tracks the test case flow. The grid contains static and dynamic data variables and data types as well as URLs, headers, forms and the type of actions to perform. It parameterizes and automatically correlates dynamic data received from servers upon client requests. Undo specific or all correlation with a click of a button.

  • Extensible and Flexible

SmarteLoad leverages Java Protocol for maximum platform extensibility. It’s easy to add custom protocols or integrate existing Java servlet libraries via SmarteLoad’s open API. Simply adding a protocol servlet brings SmarteLoad testing to a custom or previously unsupported protocol. Our development team – or your own Java programmers – can generate servlets quickly.

SmarteLoad uses JavaScript to drive script execution. With JavaScript, you control script execution logic and parameterization or correlation. JavaScript provides a quick solution to meet your unique needs. We recently created custom Java protocol servlets for Oracle Education Suite and eProgesa. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

  • It Won’t Interrupt Business

With SmarteLoad you get remote host Generator Agent recognition, connection and remote agent installation on servers and hosts. The Host Management tool easily and rapidly configures the testing environment without the need for manual installation – and without the need to involve system administrators in the process.

  • Leverage Existing Work Product

SmarteLoad leverages existing automated functional tests to give you a jump start on performance testing. Spend less time designing and more time executing performance and load tests.

  • It Works

Performance is closely tracked while simulating actual scenarios and measuring real-time transaction response time. Detailed performance analysis reports and graphs accurately document the test cases. Create custom charts and graphs. Export test results to many formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, and HTML.

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When we re-evaluated all the major players, none of them offered the flexibility and ROI of SmarteLoad. The product speaks for itself in terms of feature matching and from a standing start we achieved a basic implementation in a few hours.”
– Sean McMahon, Technical Director, Entegraty Professional Services