SmarteScript™ Get Started Guide
Before downloading a trial version of SmarteScript™, read the Get Started Guide. Follow the easy instructions how to download and install SmarteScript™. Then, using the step-by-step tutorial, create your first test script.


View Demos

View the SmarteScript™ free software test demos and see how SmarteScript™ is revolutionizing software testing.

Note: The following demos are with a web-based application, but SmarteScript also works with client-server, embedded, green-screen/legacy, mobile, and Point of Sale applications.

You can view a SmarteScript™ demo by clicking on the links below:
  1. LEARN (5:16) Intro to SmarteScript™
  2. INTERACT (4:32) Interact with objects through the SmarteScript™ grid
  3. ENHANCE (5:26) Enhancing the test by using SmarteScript™ wizards
  4. RUN (3:10) Running the test and generating reports
  5. MAINTAIN (3:06) Maintaining tests

See a preview of SmarteScript Self-Paced Online Training.

Note: Actual Self Paced Training is interactive, unlike these recordings of it.

You can view Chapter One of theSmarteScript™ Self-Paced Online Training by clicking on the links below:
  1. Part 1 (3:31) Introduction to SmarteScript™1
  2. Part 2 (4:40) Introduction to SmarteScript™
  3. Part 3 (2:22) Introduction to SmarteScript™
  4. Part 4 (6:08) Introduction to SmarteScript™
  5. Part 5 (3:40) Introduction to SmarteScript™
  6. Part 6 (6.33) Introduction to SmarteScript™
  7. Part 7 (5:09) Introduction to SmarteScript™