Healthcare is about good practices, best-case patient experiences and outcomes. You rely heavily – almost to the point of being held captive – on the information and clinical decision support your IT system provides to be conclusively accurate. Likewise, your patients depend on this.

Ideals of stable, predictable HIT and EHR systems are regularly challenged by application patches, enhancements, version migrations and so on. The only way to assure end-user, both patients and clinicians alike, contentment through all this IT turmoil is to have a rigorously reliable culture of healthcare application quality assurance (QA) and lifecycle management (ALM).

With decades of experience helping healthcare organizations implement and optimize best-practice QA and ALM principles, SmarteSoft complements your team with global expertise and the market’s best testing and quality management technologies.

SmarteSoft™ automated software testing tools and professional services provide significant ROI for automated testing and quality management, creating a test automation framework, automation of business processes, QA test automation, online software testing, acceptance testing, pre-deployment testing, automated regression testing, functional testing, load testing and more. Contact SmarteSoft for a consultation on test plan optimization.