healthcare-but-automatedTest1greyThe myriad of interconnected applications that define today’s healthcare IT landscape make any singular approach to testing, either manual or automated, prohibitive as neither provides the needed combination of efficient comprehensive regression testing and a broad adaptability to ever-changing workflow and user practice.

SmarteSoft has one of the industry’s most proven solution sets for automated functional and performance testing of healthcare systems. We couple this with our quality management solution, SmarteQM , complete with digital signature capabilities to meet with healthcare’s specialized Validation and other quality oversight requirements, to assure you of the most comprehensive and simple-to-manage QA solution.

We also appreciate your need to use manual testing practices in areas of minute yet frequent code change, those with particular sensitivity to legislative oversite (i.e., HIPPA, blood bank, etc.), or the needed testing frequencies or scale don’t warrant an investment in an automated testing solution.

“In re-examining all testing activities, Gartner has found that the manual testing process is still the largest portion of time spent on a typical project. We continue to see organizations using traditional word processors and spreadsheets to manage their testing efforts, large or small. Organizations are struggling to keep up with the rapid changes, varying complexity and diversification of business and technology.”

SmarteSoft meets these specialized manual testing needs with SmarteStudio , a solution specially designed to optimize manual testing processes with automated generation of manual testing documentation and seamless integration with SmarteQM so you have comprehensive management of all your testing activities (both manual and automated) and defect tracking and remediation.

And when any of these manual testing processes bring more value by being migrated to automated practices, the documented workflows and test cases you’ve created can then be executed automatically. A complete solution for both todays’ and tomorrow’s QA needs.

SmarteSoft™ automated software testing tools and professional services provide significant ROI for automated testing, creating a test automation framework, automation of business processes, QA test automation, online software testing, acceptance testing, pre-deployment testing, automated regression testing, functional testing, load testing and more. Contact SmarteSoft for a consultation on test plan optimization.