Assurance of patient safety and optimized end-user experience can often be a daunting task in the highly-complex world of healthcare IT.  Constant information system version upgrades, enhancements and (sometimes unexpected) patches require a considered and tailored QA methodology in order to maintain confidence in system performance and safety.  The increasing complexity of these systems, and growing dependency for clinical decision support, call for matching QA competencies with advancing HIS/EHR capabilities.

SmarteSoft, with decades of experience helping healthcare organizations worldwide to implement IT QA and risk-mitigation practices, brings a high-value complement of expertise and the testing market’s most effective testing technologies. According to Gartner, in complex environments such as healthcare seamless testing solution integration is key:

“A key value here is the integration between requirements and test cases driving traceability for compliance and also aiding in workload management by defining what work is ready and the impact of any changes.  Another key area is risk-based testing.”

SmarteSoft provides you and your QA team an integrated testing methodology and suite of software testing tools. With minimal scripting skills needed, and easy maintenance and sharing among deployment teams, our software testing tools bridge the gaps between Software Development, Quality Assurance, Business Analysis and Deployment. See why our customers love our automated testing products: