Since 1999 SmarteSoft has revolutionized the quality assurance testing and application lifecycle management products market.

SmarteSoft is pleased to announce the release of SmarteQM 5.0, the latest version of its award winning application lifecycle management (ALM) suite.

The latest version of SmarteQM (SQM) empowers software teams everywhere. It provides a powerful and seamless platform for developers, testers, project managers and end users to collaborate and create.

SmarteQM 5’s brand new user interface is designed from the ground up to be fully mobile responsive, cementing SmarteSoft’s vision of ‘SQM Everywhere’.

One Platform, All Devices

SQM 5 works seamlessly across any device: from high-resolution desktops to cellphones. Busy managers can review progress on their smartphone. Testers can run complex tests from their tablets. Developers can check on bugs on the go. SQM helps everyone involved in making great software work smarter, faster, and more seamlessly than virtually any other ALM platform on the market.

Out of the Box… Ready to Use

SQM is ready to use, out of the box. Best practices for managing and developing software are codified right into its DNA. With SQM there’s no need to create your setup from scratch. There are no add-ons to buy just to get the basics working. SQM 5 gives you intuitive defaults and pre-built workflows for requirements management, testing, resourcing, and bug-tracking. SQM includes built-in source code management and version control based on the industry standard Git and Subversion.

Electronic Signatures

SQM 5 uniquely offers built-in, out of the box, support for electronic signatures. No clunky and expensive plugins in sight. Combined with a number of advanced process management features, SQM provides a trusted, secure, and straightforward environment for teams working in regulated industries like healthcare, banking or energy.

Streamlined Testing

SQM 5’s testing suite is more powerful than ever. It has a radically new interface for testing your applications and systems. Move through tests using the multi-function progress bar. Pass or fail tests with a keystroke. With rich inline images, a customizable testing environment, and an amazing mobile experience, SQM 5 offers the perfect testing environment from day one.

Cloud-Based Data Synchronization Hub

SQM has always been an open ALM platform, easily integrating with other bug-tracking and project management tools. SQM 5 adds a completely cloud-based data-synchronization service. This removes the need for customers to have any local infrastructure to manage their ALM assets. With SQM 5, customers can offload their ALM operations to SmarteSoft and focus on delivering great software on-time, on-budget.

About SmarteSoft

SmarteSoft is focused on being the best quality assurance and testing solution provider available in order to help our clients meet the demands of today’s agile, quickly-moving development and market needs.

We support the QA and ALM needs of customers worldwide with the market’s most extensible, effective, and easy-to-use solutions.

To learn more about SmarteSoft, visit us at or call 512-782-9409.