Get the Latest Release of SmarteStudio™ Version 1.2 – Now With Powerful New Features for Functional and Cross-Browser Testing!

Austin, Texas, June 6, 2011 – SmarteSoft’s SmarteStudio™ is the most flexible, customizable and extensible test automation tool available. SmarteStudio’s extensible design gives users the power to plug in additional JavaScript libraries to enable recognition and execution of custom GUI controls for Win32, Java, .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) (with Microsoft Advanced Accessibility), Web and Flex. This flexibility makes SmarteStudio an excellent choice to meet future growth requirements in testing.

Version 1.2 enhances SmarteStudio’s already extensive cross-browser testing capabilities. Create one test script and execute the same script without modification across all of the major browsers. Test critical applications and websites in Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, Google Chrome 11 and Mozilla Firefox 4.

New support for Oracle’s Java, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Yahoo User Interface (YUI) and Infragistics Windows Forms Controls extends testing capabilities even further. Additional support for DevExpress Windows Forms Controls has also been added.

In addition, support for MAK-Systems eProgesa is included. eProgesa is a critical tool used in blood banking and transfusions centers worldwide. Combined with SmarteStudio for functional and validation testing, these tools are rapidly becoming the de facto software standard for blood banks around the world.

We’ve also added user-definable test parameters to increase reusability of tests. And now you can save reflection information for Java objects.

These and other new capabilities extend automated functional and validation test capabilities for fast, flexible testing. SmarteStudio delivers improved application quality and reduced time to market, satisfied customers and better customer retention, lower support and maintenance costs, improved brand/product reputation and significant competitive advantage. SmarteSoft test experts can help develop a successful test plan and choose the right tools for your specific needs. A variety of training options speed deployment. That’s a combination you can rely on.

“SmarteStudio’s open architecture provides unlimited flexibility to extend and customize automated testing to meet unique test requirements. We’re pleased to offer a solution to those who have faced limited options to include automation as part of their test plan,” said Ethan Givoni, SmarteSoft CTO.

“We are committed to providing comprehensive test solutions for application and website stakeholders in an increasingly competitive market. SmarteSoft provides a powerful combination of advanced test tools, professional services and world-class support to ensure our customers’ success,” Gordon MacGregor, SmarteSoft CEO added.

Save time. Save money. Improve quality. Get to market faster. That’s a compelling return on investment story. Contact the test experts at SmarteSoft today to learn more about this powerful automated test tool. (512) 782-9409

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