Since 1999 SmarteSoft continues to revolutionize the quality assurance testing and application lifecycle management products market.

Providing you with unparalleled project and application lifecycle management , SmarteQM brings you the market’s most extensible and effective ALM platform.  Release 4.2 brings you even more capability and value.

  • New flexibility for users to add comments to artifacts for which they don’t have general edit permissions
    • This will allow a team member the ability to add a comment if they have information about an artifact and needs to share it.
    • This will  allow for continued communication between team members regarding an artifact
  • Added cache status display to version control admin page
    • This allows the ability to clear the cash in order to improve performance of the application.
    • When making changes to the underlying data its sometimes good to refresh the cached information
  • The component dropdown was added to the incident section of the test execution page
    • With the addition of the components dropdown you can now have define components for the current  project.
    • This new field can also be used to both filter and report on
    • The Component field can also be used in Requirements, Incidents and read only in  tasks from the assigned requirement
  • Requirement name and artifact id have been added to the task tooltip
    • This allows the user to see the associated requirement in a tooltip without the need to go into the task’s detail page.
  • The panels for logging a new incident and viewing existing incidents separated on the test execution pages
    • This allows the tester to see any existing incidents already logged for a specific step and test run as to not create a duplicate incident if one already exists.
    • This also gives the tester the ability to link an existing incident if one already exists.
  • Resource details page can now be filtered by release (same as resource list page)
    • This allows the ability to filter on the detail page within a specific resource.  When filtered on a specific release only the assigned artifacts of that release to this resource is displayed.  This allows the ability to see where that person is working on.
  • Filter buttons added to resource detail page
    • This allows the ability to filter on all columns to display only artifacts what meet that criteria.


See for yourself how incredible easy and effective SmarteScript is to use.  Download a trial version, put it to the test.