What’s New in SmarteScript 7.2!

SmarteSoft Releases SmarteScript Version 7.2


Starting in 1999, SmarteSoft has continued to revolutionize the quality assurance testing products market with its patented script-less testing technology.

Far more effective, and efficient, than manual testing or alternative automated testing tools, SmarteScript brings you the market’s easiest-to-use functional testing platform.  Release 7.2 brings you even more testing capability and value.

  • Learn Once Run Many – SmarteScript only need to learn your website ONCE and is then able to play back and test across MANY browsers (i.e., Chrome, FireFox, etc.). This feature set makes test configuration immensely simpler and shortens your QA cycle significantly.
  • Adaptability to changing technology – SmarteScript quickly adapts to new Web development technology by leveraging WebDriver, an industry standard for QA Automation. SmarteScript provides you faster testing cycles now, faster testing cycles later.
  • Support for responsive design and mobile readiness – SmarteScript can now be an integral and cohesive part of all facets of your QA infrastructure.
  • Compatible with Selenium– ease of migration from existing Selenium scripts to SmarteScript so customers don’t need to continue to go through complicated Selenium script code development.
  • And a host of user interface enhancements to make sure we continue to provide you with the most easy-to-use functional testing product on the market.

See for yourself how incredible easy and effective SmarteScript is to use.  Download a trial version, put it to the test.