Across so many industries and geographies, SmarteSoft QA and ALM solutions help our clients achieve better application and business performance.

♦ “SmarteScript/SmarteStudio ticks all the boxes (and more) for us. With the excellent training and support that SmarteSoft provide we were able to be up and running and creating our own scripts in a relatively short period of time.

SmarteSoft has spent a considerable amount of time getting to know how eProgesa works (and its quirks!) and how it interacts with their own software. They have subsequently developed a framework that facilitates the scripting process of eProgesa programs, making SmarteScript/SmarteStudio able to easily handle all the quirky eProgesa object instantiations that throw off other tools. Using the framework, all the user needs to do is teach the scripts the eProgesa objects and make minor adjustments to the sample data spreadsheets that are used during script execution.” – Be Couper, New Zealand Blood Service

♦ “During our due diligence process, a SmarteScript™ proof of concept was designed and executed in about a day – without any training. SmarteSoft support quickly responded to a few questions to address CFG’s specific product test requirements and we were up and running.

On-site training included QA testers, business analysts, and managers. SmarteSoft’s training team spent the time to understand CFG’s unique requirements. Training based on this focus drove acceptance of the new process and motivated the entire team – another value-add helping CFG attain our test goals.

Test maintenance far exceeded expectations. I’ve revised SmarteScript test scripts in minutes. In a very short time I was able to develop reliable timeframes for scripting and script maintenance that allows me to set project timelines and schedules with confidence – another significant value-add to the overall picture.

SmarteSoft’s powerful tools proved the right choice for our unique needs. The tools are productivity tools – we’re saving significant man-hours. And the dependability, ease of use, and maintainability add tremendous value to a critical business initiative for CFG.” – Joyce Reid, Manager, Model Office, Columbian Financial Group

♦ “During our due diligent product comparison, SmarteSoft’s SmarteLoad™ quickly came to the forefront. In the course of the comparison trial – even before the purchase decision had been made – SmarteSoft’s support team stepped up to answer product, process, and test planning and implementation questions and concerns. SmarteLoad proved easy to use and deployed quickly – we were testing in a matter of days. SmarteLoad helped us identify potential challenges and take necessary preventative measures to ensure our system reliability. SmarteSoft offers a powerful combination: solid customer relationship and the right tool for the job.” – Cheryl Miller, Proxibid

♦ “I had a lot of experience with enterprise load testing systems in the past and when we re-evaluated all the major players, none of them offered the flexibility and ROI of SmarteLoad. The product speaks for itself in terms of feature matching and from a standing start we achieved a basic implementation in a few hours. During the demonstration period, with the help of the best technical support I have experienced in 20 years of IT management, we achieved a full load test on a complicated hybrid application. This compared to lesser result obtained from over a week of work on a competitive product we abandoned prior to the evaluations.” – Sean McMahon, Technical Director, Entegraty Professional Services

♦ “SmarteScript™ easily integrated into our test environment and enabled us to remove much of the manual steps that were the most error prone and time consuming.” – Ed Santamaria, Fremont Investment & Loan

♦ “SmarteScript™ is very intuitive. With its Point & Learn Technology, it’s simple to learn objects and easily build scripts that follow business processes -without programming.” – Matt Meyers, Indiana Pension Systems

♦ “SmarteScript™, with its speed of implementation, ease of use, and unique ability to automate POS system testing, has been critical to our ongoing quality improvement process. With the help of SmarteSoft’s consulting staff we have been able to better structure our QA department and rapidly multiply the quantity and quality of the tests that are performed with every new feature in our Maitre’D software.” – Jacques Dagenais, Director of R&D, Posera Software

♦ “A Lockheed Martin colleague heard about SmarteSQA™ at a software conference and recommended it to me. I have been learning to use a 2nd-generation tool to automate testing for a GUI-based software application running in an SGI environment, and realized that script maintenance is a major concern. I researched SmarteSQA™ and am very impressed with this 3rd-generation automated tool suite. It not only seems powerful, easy to implement, and relieves script- maintenance concerns, but sure seems fun too! We look forward to using it in testing Windows-based applications in the future and will recommend it to others.” – Lisa Boden, Staff Embedded Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin Space & Strategic Missiles, Littleton, CO

♦ “My background is DB Administration/Web Development. SmarteScript™ has made it easy for us to test multiple environments and scenarios which would not have been possible using our former tool SQA Robot. SmarteScript™ had put together a superb product. I had a new employee start this week and I’ve already trained him in an extremely short amount of time on the procedures to start the tests, edit the results, update the results. It’s that easy! On a scale from 1 to 10, 1 being the best, I rated each of the categories. On All Categories: Consistency, functionality, quality, coverage, reliability, scalability, flexibility, maintainability, ease of use, portability, readability, I rated SmarteScript™ a “1”. The application made managing bug reports, status reports, and progress reports simple. Because of the way that it has been implemented I’ve been able to do a great job in turning around bugs per build.” – Bill Shalas, ColdFusion 4.5 Beta Program Manager, Allaire Corporation, Cambridge, MA

♦ “I have been working on SmarteScript™ for a relatively short amount of time, and already I just love the product. I don’t have to worry about scripting errors. I just have to fill in data in the grids and the script is generated automatically. I started creating scripts and test cases in no time.” – Kavita Pachalla, Senior QA Consultant, Former user: WinRunner and Rational SQA Robot

♦ “SmarteScript™ has alleviated all the manual scripting issues in my department. I am utilizing the Regression/Functionality tool to create all test suites and scenarios in record time, keeping us ahead of schedule!” – Dave Heimbuch, Sr. SQA Engineer, ADP -Parsippany, NJ

♦ “We implemented SmarteScript™ and found that once our scripts were created and data was inserted into the test grid, we could easily reopen the script and modify it once development had sent back their new versions. There was no need to recreate new scripts and the maintenance effort was flawless.” – Thang Nguyen, Sr. SQA Engineer, PacifiCare – Los Angeles, CA

♦ “We bought SmarteScript™ to automate script generation and allow our clients to re-use the code as their application changes and grows. SmarteScript™ allowed the engineers to create re-usable code automatically and reliably”. – Fay Elassy-Bortcosh, VP Technology, IXL Corporation

As part of SmarteSoft’s charter to provide you the smartest QA and ALM products on the market, in mission-critical environments we provide the quality assurance productivity benefits associated with academic single-user use to teams of developers working in a wide range of industries and computing platforms.

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