Indiana Pension Systems


Indiana Pension Systems Finds a Smarte Solution for Testing with SmarteScript™

The Challenge:

Indiana Pension Systems maintains a core retirement system application for its 200 clients. They needed a flexible and comprehensive solution that would automate the top business processes on a daily basis to ensure the integrity and reliability of critical client data.

Indiana Pension Systems needed to accelerate its testing process and increase the accuracy of its retirement application. With critical financial data at stake, Indiana Pension Systems could not continue to rely on traditional manual methods of testing, which could result in costly errors.

Indiana Pension Systems set out to find an automated solution that would enable them to achieve a consistent test methodology, improve productivity and ensure the highest level of quality assurance of its application. Indiana Pension Systems used the following criteria to select a solution:

  • Enable both business analysts and QA professionals to be involved in the test process and automate scripts without programming skills.
  • Handle application changes and maintenance quickly and easily, and support its very legacy heavy application, which contained extensive customized objects.
  • Require only a very short learning curve.

The Smarte Solution:

After a thorough evaluation of tools from leading vendors, Indiana Pension Systems determined that only SmarteSoft could deliver on all of the requirements:

  • Enable testers to fully automate without programming skills. With SmarteScript’s Smarte Process Optimization™, the emphasis is placed on business logic, enabling testers to follow a business process methodology.
  • SmarteScript™ was the only comprehensive and flexible solution that had the functionality to work with the Indiana Pension Systems’ legacy-heavy application and recognize objects.
  • Provide fully automated documentation generation. The SmarteScribe™ feature automatically generates test process documentation, detailing each step in a natural language format.
  • Provide an easy-to-use environment that would reduce ramp-up time.

The Results:

Using SmarteScript™, Indiana Pension Systems rapidly deployed business test scenarios for system and regression testing. The powerful and intuitive maintenance feature enabled the testing team to easily and quickly run scripts more thoroughly and reliably, and verify the top business processes.

With SmarteScript™, Indiana Pension Systems is ensuring the integrity of valuable data and ultimately protecting important client loyalty.

  • The true automation of SmarteScript is enabling testers to significantly improve productivity, increase their test coverage, and spend more time on maintenance. SmarteScript’s Knowledge- Driven Point & Learn™ technology, replaces the traditional programming and record/playback route.
  • The powerful and intuitive maintenance of SmarteScript™ enables the team to quickly and easily adjust to the ongoing 10-30 changes in each release and ensures the top processes are functioning successfully.
  • SmarteScript™ is able to easily scale to support the planned growth of its testing team and enhancements for Web-enabling its functionality.
  • Sensitive and confidential user and company data is protected by the masking feature in SmarteScript’s Grid Visualization Engine (GVE), which ensures that data is only available for intended users.

The Conclusion:

SmarteSoft’s SmarteScript™ was the ideal solution to Indiana Pension Systems testing needs. Its short learning curve and easy to use features helped IPS to quickly deploy its business test scenarios.


SmarteScript and SmarteX or use of SmarteScript and SmarteX is covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,917,895 B2