Healthcare Testing

Healthcare/Blood Banking Validation Testing, Performance Testing and Life-Cycle Management

Healthcare organizations worldwide use SmarteSoft tools and services for automation of functional and performance testing of information systems and for managing the test lifecycle. Users include the American Red Cross, New Zealand Blood, New York Blood Service, Mayo Clinics, NHS Scotland, Sanquin and Tenet Healthcare.


Blood banking organizations manage complex functions from donor recruitment through to patient transfusions. Enhanced control of these processes along with significant gains in productivity and efficiency helps ensure the adequacy and the safety of blood supply. These organizations must also adapt to changing industry regulations.

The Challenge:

  1. Manual Validation Testing is an expensive, time consuming, and error prone activity which must be done regularly to meet compliance requirements. Validation always runs the risk of failure and re-implementation.
  2. Blood Bank management systems are used by tens, hundreds or thousands of users. You need confidence that your system will perform as needed. All too often, a system’s weaknesses first become apparent during an emergency – when it matters most. Performance testing ensures successful access.
  3. Effective Management of end-to-end test project lifecycle is very important to test success.
The Smarte Solution:
  1. Validation Testing – Use SmarteScript™ for functional test automation, including validation testing. SmarteScript is easy to use – even for novice testers – while also offering powerful functionality. No scripting is required – even for complex functions. SmarteScript is fast to implement. Complex, data-driven scripts can be automatically generated in minutes.
  2. Load Testing – Use SmarteLoad™ for performance testing. We stress your systems in a way that simulates real-life usage patterns, and measure end-user experience when your systems are under varying levels of load. Pinpoint system issues and address them before they have a chance to negatively impact human life. SmarteLoad, an advanced performance test tool, adds value to your organization in these ways: it’s easier to use, faster to implement, and will reduce your overall cost of software maintenance and support. And at the touch of a button, SmarteLoad creates equivalent test scripts created in other tools, extending the value of existing work load test suite.
  3. Manage Test Project Lifecycle – Use SmarteQM™, a web-based tool that comprehensively manages the entire test- or validation-project lifecycle. It can be self-hosted or hosted on your behalf. Role-based privileges for users allows every member of an organization to understand project status at any time in whatever level of detail is required to manage the project efficiently and effectively.
The Results:
  1. SmarteScript’s automated test solution reduces risk and cost for Blood Bank validation. Increase accuracy, reduce compliance risk, shorten test timelines, self-document, and exceed requirements.
  2. SmarteLoad makes performance testing easy, fast, affordable and low risk. Know your system will perform up to expectation.
  3. SmarteQM test management tools manage your project’s requirements, releases, test cases, issues and tasks in one unified environment.