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Columbian Financial Group (CFG) Utilizes SmarteSoft Tools to Implement Automated User Acceptance Test for Model Office Initiative


Joyce Reid, Manager of Model Office, heads an automated user acceptance test initiative for CFG. Ms. Reid brought years of experience in automated test but wanted to take a fresh look at today’s technology options and make the best selection based on functionality and fit for CFG’s unique needs.

The Challenge:

Several factors where critical to program success.

In deployment, ease of use was paramount. The team consists of subject matter experts with deep knowledge in company products but not necessarily quality assurance or software code development backgrounds. This requirement also made training and technical support important as well.

Quick, reliable regression testing was also on the list. The use of continuous improvement software development methods made flexibility in altering and updating test scripts a key factor for consideration.

And it was important to get the best bang for the buck.

The Smarte Solution:

CFG chose SmarteSoft’s automated test solution for this critical program.

“During our due diligence process, a SmarteScript™ proof of concept was designed and executed in about a day – without any training. SmarteSoft support quickly responded to a few questions to address CFG’s specific product test requirements and we were up and running,” said Ms. Reid.s

Smartesoft tools’ essential ease of use and quick learning curve created an environment where test success was quickly attained.

On-site training included QA testers, business analysts, and managers. SmarteSoft’s training team spent the time to understand CFG’s unique requirements. Training based on this focus drove acceptance of the new process and motivated the entire team – another value-add helping CFG attain our test goals,” said Ms. Reid.

Test scripts created in SmarteScript are run at any of CFG’s locations using the run-time execution tool, SmarteX™. This is a powerful value-add to the overall return on investment scenario.

“Test maintenance far exceeded expectations. I’ve revised SmarteScript test scripts in minutes. In a very short time I was able to develop reliable timeframes for scripting and script maintenance that allows me to set project timelines and schedules with confidence – another significant value-add to the overall picture,” Joyce added.

The Result:

“SmarteSoft’s powerful tools proved the right choice for our unique needs. The tools are productivity tools – we’re saving significant man-hours. And the dependability, ease of use, and maintainability add tremendous value to a critical business initiative for CFG,” Ms. Reid commented.

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SmarteScript and SmarteX or use of SmarteScript and SmarteX is covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,917,895 B2