Blood Bank Installations Worldwide Rely on SmarteSoft™ to Provide Superior Automated Test Support Optimized for MAK-Systems eProgesa

Austin, Texas, May 16, 2011 – SmarteSoft’s powerful automated functional test and validation tools, SmarteScript™ and SmarteStudio™ are the optimal choice for use with MAK-SYSTEMS‘ eProgesa, a software tool used extensively in daily blood banking operations. eProgesa is used to manage critical blood bank operations from donor recruitment through patient transfusions.

Many blood banks and blood transfusion centers around the world rely on the combination of eProgesa and SmarteSoft tools to ensure both the safety and adequacy of blood supply. SmarteSoft solutions are used in some of the largest eProgesa deployments in the world to easily and efficiently perform functional and validation tests. SmarteSoft tools are easy to learn and implement, deploy quickly and produce return on investment in a remarkably short period.

“SmarteSoft software offers unique capabilities that make this tool the right choice for eProgesa users for functional and validation testing,” said Ethan Givoni, SmarteSoft CTO.

“SmarteSoft tools are quickly becoming the de facto standard for software testing in blood banking. We are committed to providing the best tools possible to make blood bank software testing more efficient and effective,” said Gordon MacGregor, SmarteSoft CEO. “We’re proud to also provide an effective performance and load tool, SmarteLoad™ eProgesa Edition, to address critical load testing requirements in blood banking,” he added.

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